Oral Surgery in San Carlos, CA


Oral Surgery in San Carlos, CA

Oral surgery is regularly performed in a dental office setting, under local anesthesia, with minimal recovery time. Procedures range from tooth extractions and implant placement to jaw realignment surgeries and emergency care for facial trauma. The main reasons to undergo surgery are to relieve pain, treat an infection or trauma, restore function, or improve a person's appearance.

Before oral surgery, you will be required to take X-rays to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning. A detailed explanation of the procedure will be discussed, along with anesthesia options. Recovery times and experience vary depending on the procedure. It's always important to tell your dentist what medications you're taking, any chronic health problems you have, and if you smoke. This will help ensure your safety and comfort, which are always top concerns.

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Our Oral Surgery Procedures

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Dental Extractions in San Carlos, CA

Dental Extractions

Tooth extractions are often a very routine procedure. This surgery's complexity depends on the tooth's location. A front tooth with a single straight root will be much easier to remove than a wisdom tooth.

There can be a variety of reasons for extracting a tooth. The tooth in question might be damaged or diseased or need to be removed as part of an orthodontic treatment.

Tooth extraction is usually carried out with local anesthesia, which will numb the tooth to be removed, and the surrounding bone and gum tissue.

Bone Grafting in San Carlos, CA

Bone Grafting

In order to get dental implants, you need to have enough tooth-supporting bone in your jaw to hold them in place. Unfortunately, after tooth loss, the surrounding bone almost always deteriorates.

If you want a dental implant but don't have enough bone to support it, you can still get the replacement tooth you want with a bone grafting procedure.

Bone grafting is used to build up new bone in the area of your jaw that used to hold teeth. A small incision is made in your gum to expose the bone beneath it, and then grafting material is added.

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