Endodontics & Root Canal Treatment in San Carlos, CA


Root Canal Treatment in San Carlos, CA

Endodontics (also known as Root Canal Treatment) is a group of specialized procedures designed to treat problems with the nerve tissue inside the tooth. While Root Canal Treatment is sometimes seen as incredibly painful, in most cases, it's no more uncomfortable than getting a filling, and it's one of the most effective ways of relieving tooth pain.

Why Should I Get Root Canal Treatment?

Restoring a natural tooth to health through root canal treatment can help you avoid the problems that commonly occur when teeth must be removed. Like unwanted tooth migration or shifting, the need for bridgework or dental implants, and even the eventual loss of bone structure from the area of the missing tooth.

What are the causes of Root Canal problems?

Infection and inflammation of the tooth's root (pulp tissue) are the leading cause of root canal issues. Untreated dental cavities eventually allow bacteria to make their way to the pulp tissue, where they may cause an infection. Chipped or broken teeth are another way bacteria can come into contact with the pulp.

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Do you feel constant and severe pain and pressure in your mouth, or noticeable swelling and extreme sensitivity in your gums? You might need Root Canal Treatment.